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We are a group of Indian roulette lovers with a passion and a dedication to online roulette. Roulette is our hobby, and we spend most of our time thinking about how to improve our roulette performance, try out new strategies and enjoying the beautiful game of roulette.

Our goal with this page is to create a community around online roulette in India. We want to share the amazing experience of playing online roulette with as many Indian players as possible. We hope that you will decide to participate in this amazing experience with us.

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My name is Tomesh and I am the editor here on MyRoulette. I love sports betting, casino games and online roulette in particular. There is nothing more exciting than spinning the roulette wheel and winning a big score. Have I ever won a lot of money on roulette? No, but I've had lots of fun and excitement along the way. I hope you will join us in discovering the amazing game of online roulette!



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Hello. My name is Rachit but my friends call me "Rachit Roulette". Needless to say, I love roulette with a passion. So much so that I bought my own roulette table which takes up most of the available space in my living room. I regularly invite over my friends to drink beer and play roulette. I spend the rest of my time playing online roulette on various gambling sites!

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